R.J. Hellmann & Sons Paving Contractors

R.J. Hellmann & Sons Paving Contractors have a long history in Baltimore.

Company founder and President Raymond Joseph Hellmann completed the R.J. Hellmann Paving Company's first official asphalt paving project on September 19, 1953.

Despite many challenges, the small family-operated business made customer satisfaction its primary goal and grew to become a well-respected asphalt company.

The company completed many asphalt paving projects over the years -- from simple driveway construction to large parking lots and roadways. Although the methods used in the 1950s and 1960s were primitive compared to today's asphalt paving standards, Ray Hellmann has always been a leader in the development of new technology in a growing industry.

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When Raymond's sons, Steve and Dave Hellmann, joined him in the spring of 1979, RJ Hellmann and Sons Paving Contractors Inc. was formed. Through the guidance of a great teacher and father, the same old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity and hard work were instilled in the new co-workers and a great partnership began.

Unfortunately, the untimely death of Ray Hellmann in 1985 presented a new set of challenges that were faced and overcome by the next generation of the family. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, while continuing to expand its asphalt paving business, the company offered excavation and grading services. Always striving to be a leader in innovative, cutting-edge technology, the newly patented process of imprinted asphalt -- called "street print" -- was added to the customer service list. Many notable projects from residential driveway paving to Baltimore and Ocean City streets and crosswalks were completed using this process.

As we enter the next phase of service to our community, the third generation of Hellmanns continues to carry out Raymond Joseph Hellman's original mission: to provide excellent service to our customers. This new generation of leaders in the company is involved and ready to face the next set of challenges.

The relationships we have developed with our many thousands of satisfied customers is a true testament of our long history in the asphalt paving industry – and our dedication to it and to our clients. We feel that our strong set of values, experience and sound financial strength will continue to be the foundation for this traditional, family-run business for the new century and beyond.

Paving the Way Since 1953

RJ Hellmann & Sons Paving has been paving the way since 1953 in Maryland. We service asphalt paving customers in Baltimore County, Harford County, Cecil County, and Anne Arundel County.

Using stone or asphalt millings is a low cost alternative to asphalt. They can be used to surface your driveway or parking lot - just be aware that the surface won't last long.

We perform excavation and grading services for contractors and individuals, projects both large and small.

We offer asphalt repair, new installation and asphalt resurfacing.

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For more information regarding our asphalt paving services, call our office at 410-284-7903.