Driveway Resurfacing

RJ Hellmann and Sons Paving Contractors also does driveway resurfacing for homeowners and businesses throughout the greater Baltimore area

If the foundation of your driveway is sound, but sealcoating isn't doing the trick, driveway resurfacing may be the way to go.

When we come out to give you a quote on driveway resurfacing, we'll go over every aspect, including asphalt repairs that may need to be made first, how long the project will take, what it will cost, etc. All of those factors differ based on whether you are getting just plain black asphalt resurfacing or whether you're looking for a stamped asphalt driveway.

Recommended Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing Method

There are several steps we take to ensure proper asphalt driveway resurfacing:

  • Straighten and re-align all new pavement edges, and correct where necessary
  • Repair severely cracked areas by removing broken asphalt and backfill with crusher run stone or base mix asphalt and compact
  • Clean area to be paved with bower broom or blower
  • Mill or jack hammer cut all tie-in points to facilitate grade transitions
  • Apply tack coat per industry standards
  • Install a 2” layer of surface mix asphalt with a paving machine where applicable and compact with at least a 2-ton vibratory roller until free of creases and lines

With proper driveway resurfacing, your driveway will look like new, at a fraction of the cost of new driveway construction. And those minor cracks you've been filling will be gone.

For more information regarding our asphalt driveway resurfacing services, Contact Us or call our office at 410-284-7903.