Stone or Asphalt Millings Supply and Installation

Using stone or asphalt millings is a low cost alternative to asphalt.

They can be used to surface your driveway or parking lots – just be aware that the surface won't last as long. We also supply, deliver and install recycled concrete, gravel, CR6 and other stone for driveways and parking lots.

Recycled concrete, asphalt millings or stone, when used in a commercial or industrial parking lot, can help a business earn credits toward LEED certification. Give us a call today to let us know what your needs are and to schedule delivery or installation.

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Green Paving Company

If you’re looking for a paving company offering green paving solutions, you've come to the right place. These products are 100% green because they are recycled. Eco-friendly characteristics like these help recycled concrete, asphalt millings and other stone type commercial or industrial parking lots contribute to important LEED credits. The LEED Green Building Rating System promotes environmentally conscious buildings for the improvement of outdoor and indoor building quality and the reduction of waste during the building process. Recycled concrete, gravel stone and other stone types can be used in conjunction with the LEED program to earn a LEED certification. A substantial sized commercial parking lot project using green paving products could be eligible for a Federal tax credit.

We can advise and help to determine the quantity of product needed for your driveway or parking lot.

Our paving company takes as much care in installing a recycled concrete, gravel stone or asphalt millings driveway or parking lot as we do with our asphalt paving projects.

Before installing the top layer, we will:

  • Excavate area to be paved 10-12” deep and grade for positive storm water runoff
  • Compact sub grade and install a 8-10” layer of crusher run stone, compact with at last a 5 ton vibratory roller, and proof roll with a load s/a dump truck

Using recycled concrete, gravel stone, CR6, asphalt millings or other stone types can be a low cost alternative to a hard surface for your driveway or parking lot. These materials don’t perform as well as asphalt, but have some of the same characteristics.

Using stone or asphalt millings can be a cost effective alternative to asphalt. They can be used to surface your driveway or parking lot.

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